Evangel Temple in Toronto!

This place was like home away from home! For the first time I met a congregation that reminded me of Watoto Church. They were freely dancing and jumping and singing out loud! Pastor Gary said if you are a visitor and think this is awkward, it is ok for you to do it. This is what we do here and you are home! The worship team crowned it up with Israel’s ” I am a friend of God”.  The Children were in the front row jumping and singing in pairs of two;”he calls me friend!”

Pastor Gary was at the launch in South Africa. He is not just a partner with Watoto, he said “we are now seeing these Children become leaders” What an opportunity to meet someone of who is part of the board of directors of Watoto!

Getting hotter in here!

He calls me friend!

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  1. I love the energy and excitement in these photos…keep em coming! So happy to see you guys having a great time in the house of the Lord!

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