Last Concert @ Global Kingdom Ministries in Toronto!

Just like the first Concert, the last one was full of energy. I thank God for a wonderful team of Children and adults, the Canadian office staff and the office in Uganda. Thank you all for working hard to see that Jesus is made famous in this land. We always asked God for five souls after every concert and we have seen many people come to the knowledge of Christ thanks to the Children (thank you for not being ashamed of the gospel). Adults you have done a great job training these Children in God’s ways! Your labour in the Lord is not in vain!

What an ending to the tour!

What an ending to the tour!

Many people tonight still gave their lives to Christ, others came to be prayed for to receive healing.

Thank you to the new sponsors who joined and are still joining the family of Watoto Sponsors. It is because of you that we are seeing these Children take up leadership positions in our Country and continent.

Words can not express how grateful we are to pastors and Churches all over Canada for hosting us every night and for providing food for us. This has been a very successful tour!

End of Concert-Prayer cession!

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