Made it home safely!

Thank you everyone for your support to us and for the love you have shown Choir 46 during our tour across Canada. The Canadian office rocks! Thank you Uncle Don, Auntie Stephanie, Auntie Keri, Auntie Kristy, Auntie Amanda, Auntie Hellen, Auntie Tricia, Auntie Justine, Auntie Kate, Uncle Rod, Uncle Naresh, Auntie Danae, Auntie Cathy & Uncle Art.

Our bus drivers Uncle Markus, Uncle Dan and Uncle Casey and Auntie Margaret thank you for driving long hours and giving of your time to serving God with Choir 46! Thank you to the Churches and places that hosted us during our tour. Thank you to all the families that have hosted us and to all our new and long time sponsors and partners. You are making it possible for us to reach 2500 Children by the end of this year!

Thank you very much for partnering us in making Jesus famous and to raise awareness and support for Watoto Children! Thank you Choir 46 for your hard work! You have done well in representing Jesus and in making him known to many….. You work in the Lord is not in vain! If I had a Chance I would do this all over again! Thank you Lord for your favour and guidance!

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  1. Thank you Stephen for the thank you note. We really enjoyed Choir 46 in Canada and hope that you are happy to be back home with your friends and family. You rock!

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