Cape Town.. very early days

The tour started in cape town, lots of high expectations and we started right at the summit..TABLE MOUNTAIN… What a view! You feel so close to Heaven when you are up there. Heavy winds had seen the first booking cancelled but the following weekend had great weather and we hit the heights.

It was a memorable event going up there and the children maximized the opportunity.. It was simply amazing.. We had the team from Watoto Church Cape Town with us, all dressed in their Watoto t- shirts, Pastor Julius and his wife – Vernita, Carita, Nic, Beatrice.. It was such a fun time.

dancing on this mountain top

aunt lynn, uncle brian and uncle duncan drumming away

We enjoyed it so very much and we were pleased to have our friends from Watoto Church Cape Town with us that day..
Our journey through cape town was very special and this beautiful city, a great international attraction showed us that many people in South Africa would go on to embrace the message of Watoto and come alongside us to extend life, hope and a future to many vulnerable babies here in South Africa.

Our time in Cape Town saw us perform at Unashamedly Ethical, a gathering of men and women who desire to see excellence and integrity return to the everyday life of any service delivered anywhere in South Africa, we met the premier of Cape Town there, we also met some of South Africa’s great rugby players as well as a host of businessmen and women who loved the message of Watoto and what we were about and the relationships that were birthed out of that were special. We visited a number of old age homes and performed for the elderly which was special for us.

We visited churches in and around Sea point, got sponsored some great meals with great restaurants in Sea point and we has so much fun as the tour unfolded. God really has His hand of favor upon Watoto and we experienced this first hand in a place where not so many people knew about us and yet still, they rallied behind us offering us platform after platform and we knew that God is already up to something as we begin this journey to rescue, raise and rebuild lives here in South Africa..

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