Hong Kong’s Chinese University Visits Watoto

In the eyes of 7 million Hong Kong citizens, medical doctor Joseph Sung is a hero who led their country in battle against the wide-spreading SARS disease that threatened many lives back in 2003.

Professor Joseph Sung, now President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (one of the top 10 Asian universities) visited Watoto in Uganda in July 2011 with fifteen of his students.

I am looking at a long term partnership with Watoto so that both Watoto and our university can benefit,” said Professor Sung.

Professor Sung visited the Watoto projects in Kampala and Gulu, Uganda and was impressed with the various projects including Living Hope, Baby Watoto, as well as the medical and education services.

The team of students accompanying him raised the funds and contributed to the physical building of a students’ dormitory at Watoto’s Suubi Children’s Village.

Following the visit, Chinese University has expressed a commitment to helping Watoto with regular management training, medical training and input into the Agricultural and Technical College set up in Gulu, northern Uganda.

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