The African cultural energy displayed by HenryAustralians and New Zealanders have experienced the energy and the gifting of choir 49’s children displayed in the concerts. It has been an amazing journey seeing God’s work throughout the concerts of hope.

The melodies, worship and stories shared by the children have impacted the lives of many people. The compassion shown through the responses to the message of hope surely outlines Psalms 113:7-9. As this verse has been unfolded before our eyes, we are left speechless. We can only say “HOSSANA” to the great “I AM”.

The tour of choir 49 started in Western Australia, Perth, all through to the southern part of the country – ADELAIDE, in three weeks. God blessed us with 149 sponsors and this was just the beginning.

The beauty and home to the ALL BLACKS (New Zealand), cold……and yet the warmth and love of the Kiwis welcomed the choir. Working along side Tear fund, 179 children all over the world, through our concerts of hope were blessed with sponsors. Many people in the northern island of New Zealand also came to know the lord as the choir travelled from Wellington all through to Auckland in three weeks.

The choir is currently enjoying Queensland Australia. We have seen God continue his amazing working of resucing many orphaned children through our sponsorship program. Over 200 children have been sponsored in the month of July.

The generousity and love of the Australian people is a living testimony to what God can do through the obedient and humble.

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  1. You guys are doing a tremendous job – we appreciate and love you all dearly.

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