Watoto Choir 48 Returns

Watoto Children’s Choir #48 has returned from a maiden tour of South Africa.

Shortly before boarding the plane back to Uganda, the choir met and greeted the South African Airways staff at O.R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg), to conclude a successful six-month tour of the country.

And upon arrival in Uganda, 11-year-old Viola Tusiime was ecstatic about her experience. “The tour was good. South Africa is beautiful and the people were so kind to us,” she said.

The choir kicked off their tour in February 2011 as an introduction of the Watoto model in Southern Africa. As ambassadors for the cause of the orphaned and vulnerable child in Africa, they shared the vision and a message of hope in Western Province, Kwazulu Natal and Gauteng. Among the first Watoto projects to be implemented on the ground in Cape Town is Baby Watoto, Living Hope and Watoto360°.

For more information about Watoto in South Africa, go to www.watoto.com/southafrica.

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