Beautiful Africa Stirs Up Uganda’s Journalists

Counting down 10 days to their departure for the US on 4 September, Watoto Children’s Choir yesterday rubbed shoulders with newsmakers and media personalities during an exciting media tour of Vision Group in Kampala – one of East Africa’s largest media hubs.

Vision Group staff members were equally excited to meet the children and gladly facilitated their tour of the TV and radio stations, and the print section of the group.

“This is the most impressive team I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for coming and singing for us, I will never forget this day,” said Conan Busingye, one of the journalists who was guiding the team.

Sampling from the new production entitled Beautiful Africa: A New Generation, the choir performed a medley of four songs, leaving many workers charmed by the grace, skill and joy with which the children carried themselves.

A debut concert to unveil the never before seen stage production will be held at Watoto Church Central on Thursday, 1st September 2011 at 5:30pm.

“Watoto is indeed an inspiration to Uganda. We love you (the children) so much; we’ll be there for the concert next week,” another ecstatic Watoto fan screamed as the children prepared to leave.

We are grateful to the Vision Group administration and staff for receiving the children and giving them the opportunity to interact with the world around them.

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  1. Will you send a choir to Sweden anytime soon? That would be amazing.

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