Running For Living Hope

Saturday, 25th September was a big day for Tina Francis, 38 women, and one very supportive man from Relate Church in Surrey, BC, Canada. It was the day they would step outside their comfort zone and run a half marathon to raise funds for Watoto’s Living Hope programme that aims to restore hope and dignity to vulnerable women in Africa.

Tina, a writer for She Loves Magazine, heard Watoto Co-Founder Marilyn Skinner describe the unthinkable atrocities committed against many women in northern Uganda, especially during the 20-year-old senseless civil way.

Inspired by the work being done in Uganda, Tina, with the support of friend Idelette McVicker, challenged women to join them in a half marathon and hopefully raise $CAN20,000 for the Living Hope programme. Tina expected some support from friends and family, but what she did not expect was the magnitude of support they would receive.

Donations came pouring in along with words of encouragement and a lot of prayer. On the day of the big race, these self-professed “non-athletes” were able to reap the fruit of their labour.

As the team members crossed the finish line and received their honorary medals, many were crying, laughing and hugging one another.

“Today, we’ve supported and suffered on behalf of our sisters in northern Uganda,” Tina said.
The runners have well surpassed their $CAN20,000 goal, and donations are still coming in.

For more information about how you can change the story of a child, baby and mother at Watoto or the ladies in the Living Hope programme, please visit

Baby Watoto Graduates Grace Wedding

We are always thrilled to share incredible success stories of the children at Watoto. Today, we pay homage to two 4-year-olds, Simon and Junior from Watoto’s Bbira Children’s Village.

Simon and Junior were among the first babies to be welcomed into Baby Watoto when the programme launched in 2007.
Junior in particular, was a very sickly baby. In fact, there was little hope of his survival when he first joined us.
But with prayer, medical attention and support, Junior managed to pull through.

In 2008, the boys graduated to the children’s village where they are now thriving under the care of a loving Watoto mother. They are also enjoying their nursery school in the village.

Over the weekend, the boys were tucked into cute little black suits, majestically walking down the aisle as peg boys during the wedding of Watoto staff members, James and Nicola Sekajja in Kampala, Uganda.

It was an incredible moving moment watching the boys play, dance and share in the Watoto family moment.

Our special gratitude to all our sponsors who make it possible for us to rescue and raise vulnerable children in Africa. To participate in our campaign to raise 11,000 sponsors in 2011, go to
We appreciate your continued support.

Blessed Twice In One Day

It has been such a great day for us today as we were blessed twice in two different ways. It was evident that God smiled big on us without holding back and freely released his gladness on the choir.

Sun Rays striking the sea surface

Beauty of The Mountains touching the sea

For the past four weeks it has been raining a lot (and everyday). Since we arrived into Norway we have been followed or welcomed by rains and the chilly weather with little or no sunshine at all. This hindered us from having outdoor fun and yet we maximized our moments indoors whenever we got a chance to.

Uncle Allan Playing table soccer with the girls

Olive making the best of her fun time

Today the sun was out at full beam and lit upon the beauty of Norway’s topography. The beautiful mountains with their syncline into the sea created a beautiful sight, pleasing to the eyes.

We didn’t waste anytime but to jump off the bus upon stopping to take a few photographs with a scenic background.

A beautiful scenery that formed the back ground of the choir photo

Enjoying the morning sun

preparing for the shoot

All smiles

Sam and Enock smiling away

Some of the Aunts and Uncles took their turn in having the photo shoot fun time.

smile for the camera

more fun for adults

The other blessing was to be hosted by a church full of Ugandans for a watoto concert here in Trondheim Norway. We were treated to a real Ugandan meal comprising of beans, rice, chicken, cassava (a root tuber), sweet potatoes, to mention but a few. It was lovely as the Ugandans too were so happy to receive us.

Barbra taking in her first scoop of the Ugandan dish

Sylvia and immaculate with a baby before dinner

For a moment we felt like back home.

Eyes lit at the sight of good food

Saying their thank you after a good meal

It has been really a happy day for the children and adults alike. No wonder the children were excited even more than usual in the concert for the day.

Surely this tour is an amazing thing for the children that travel outside Uganda for the first time. It teaches them more about appreciation.

Thank you to all the host the children’s Choirs. May God bless you for all the care and love you show us.