Beginning with a ‘Bang’

When you talk about Norway the first thing that comes to mind is natural beauty. This is quite an amazing experience as the watoto children’s choir is left amazed by the beautiful scenery of the country. As we travel through the country we can’t help but gaze out of the bus windows admiring the beautiful Rocky Mountains, hills, a beautiful flow of rivers into the ocean, water springs and falls. This is just the beginning and we are yet to tour through Denmark, Sweden and Holland.

The Children relaxing with one of the care givers (Uncle Michael)

Some the Children with their team leader (Uncle Brian)

The Watoto choir was treated also to a concert with the Hillsong team from Australia with Reuben Morgan that is on a Europe tour. Watoto children’s choir gave the large audience present a 10minute vibrancy with its African Music. The audience cheered loudly and tried there best to dance to the African rhythms. This curtain raised the Hillsong concert that run for one and a half hours.

The choir, during a sound check, getting ready to curtain raise during the Hillsong concert


Watoto Children enjoying the hillsong concert after their 10minute curtain raising performance on stage.

A clearer View

Watoto Choir care givers enjoying their time of worship at the concert

Basically it has been a very good start of tour as we witness people coming on board to sponsor children and donate greatly to the cause of rescuing a Child so as to support Watoto in its cause of raising them to become the future leaders of Uganda.

The other amazing thing was that Billgates Segwanyi, one of our Watoto children, was able to meet with his sponsor just before one of the concerts we had in the second week of our tour

Bill gates, his sponsor and her daughter

The sponsor was just so amazed that she was able to get an opportunity of meeting with her sponsored child face to face.

We would like to say thank you to every person that sponsors a child. You truly are making a difference in these children’s lives and your contribution greatly influences a brighter future for the next generation of Ugandan leaders.

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  1. Enoch and Benjamin are my sponsors,they make me happy///…..To bad there are no new videos of choir 51 -_-

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