Breaking Ground

It is such a great privilege for Watoto to break more ground in Norway. Watoto Choir 51 is touring more new places in Norway this time round and it is all great welcomes that the choir is receiving here.

Singing a thank you song after a meal

During the concert saying the elocuution

Children singing during a sound check

Many places the choir has gone to people didn’t know about Watoto except for what they read on internet upon the mention of Watoto coming to their area and so they didn’t know what to expect, but once the choir has ended its concert of hope so many are left in awe and pleasant amazement.

People at the sponsorship table signing up to sponsor children

selling off watoto jewellery

The response of the Norwegians is so amazing in terms of their warm welcomes, how they treat the choir and in terms of their giving towards the work of Watoto.

Bill gates singing away

Regan dancing

Maureen dancing away

A big thank you the warm-hearted and loving Norwegians who have in one way or another have supported Watoto from the their first encounter with the choir till now and for those who will join in on this amazing cause of rescuing the many African orphans in dire need of support and discipleship for a better future life full of hope.

In the Nothern part of Norway

Most of the places we have been to would like to have Watoto back and more churches have asked to be contacted when the choir will be back in Norway.

the choir in the news papers

Immaculate and olive in the song ‘Not Forgotten’

A big thank you to all our partners and those who have joined the big watoto family. May God richly bless you and make a way for you to keep on supporting the children of Uganda.

Barbra smiling away

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