An amazing week!

Nicholas meets his sponsor!Day out with a dolphine!Who will get to the finish line first??Girl downtime only!The boys in action!

Hello dear readers,

The watoto children’s choir 50 has moved on from Washington state to Oregon and God has really been good to us! Many testimonies of people giving their lives to Christ and those who were giving up on Him and now are starting a vibrant relationship with Him again because of hearing the children’s testimonies, are increasing by the day!

The children are growing in wisdom and stature by the day and we are so thankful to God for each and everyday He is blessing us with to minister to other people and bring hope and healing in His name! Jesus is being glorified as choir 50 continues to serve Him herein the USA west coast!

Some of the adults and children on choir 50

The choir is also having alot of fun times and enjoying the tour!

Paula Buzu, team leader! Looking smart!Let it shine!Dancing for Jesus!

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