Beautiful Africa Impacting Lives

From the very first concert in the USA on 10 September 2011, 12-year Olivia Sherry from St Marks Lutheran Church by the Narrows (Tacoma, WA) writes to us about how Watoto’s Beautiful Africa: A New Generation, has impacted members of her congregation.

She says that about 6 weeks ago when the choir visited, there was a man in the audience who had never been involved in the church. After the concert, the man joined the church, along with his wife and daughter. Two weeks after the concert, he found out that he had cancer.

Because of this illness, life is challenging for him and his family. The difference before the concert, is that now he now has the support of the church family and a hope in Jesus Christ. The church is walking with him and his family through this difficult time.

“I want to thank you so much for coming to our church and singing for us especially for people like him,” Olivia says.

We, at Watoto, are delighted to hear from you Olivia. Our prayers are with the man you describe and his family.

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