Celebrating Watoto Artist, Mac Elvis

Watoto delights in celebrating the achievements of the children, who have been rescued from desperate situations and grown into productive citizens in their community. Last weekend, we celebrated one of our former young adults, 24-year-old Elvis Mutalya, as he launched his debut music album in Kampala, Uganda.

His fans know him as Mac Elvis, a stage name he adopted during bible study training in high school.

Elvis lost his parents at the age of 6. Watoto then supported him with his education. After completing high school, Elvis went to the studio to make his music dream a reality. And since then, he has released hits that are topping the gospel charts in Uganda.

Elvis’s big brother, Ivan, who was one of the children in the first Watoto Children’s Choir in 1994 passed away a few years ago. Elvis attributes the sentiment in his music to the hope that he has found in God and His people despite intense personal suffering.

“If I were to change anything about my life, I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything I experienced in the past has contributed to who I am today. It’s been God’s grace, love and care that has carried me through.”

In addition to stage performance, Elvis is also a producer, and that is where he spends most of his time; creating beats, writing songs and lots of other musical activities so as to grow into a versatile gospel artist. He hopes to join Bible college or pursue a degree in sound engineering, whichever comes first.

Since 1994, Watoto has been able to rescue and raise more than 2,400 children. Over 50 of these children have grown into independent adults contributing to the development of their country.

Sponsors and partners around the world make it possible for the dreams of these boys and girls to become a reality. Go to www.watoto.com/eleventhousand to find out how you can get involved today.

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