Augustana Lutheran Church

Love, a language that everyone understands. No age, colour, state, country or dialect can misunderstand a message of love and hope.
Watoto choir 50, this time round, was in Augustana, Oregon spreading the message of love and hope that Jesus offers! Augustana is also called the city of Roses. Sure enough, after the last song, the children and adults each received a single beautiful rose. Children in the congregation each handed out a rose to the watoto children and adults on stage while exchanging names, one heart to another with the love of Jesus.

A Reverend from Northern Uganda who had been living in the USA for 11 years blessed the choir with a closing prayer!

Spreading the love with a rose after the concert

Reverand praying for the choir

The pastor's wife handing a boquet of roses to the team leader Paula while the pastor looks on."A rose a day will keep a smile on your face!"

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