7 Billion Actions: Every Child is Valuable

“The world’s population will top seven billion people in October 2011. This unique moment in human history represents both an achievement and a challenge, and will have an impact on every single person on the planet. A world of seven billion has implications for sustainability, urbanization, access to health services and youth empowerment – however, it also offers a rare call-to-action opportunity to renew global commitment for a healthy and sustainable world.” UNFPA October 2011

Watoto joins the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA and the 7 Billion Actions campaign to mark this milestone in history. The campaign hopes to build awareness around the opportunities and challenges of a world of seven billion people; and tell the story of the people behind the number.

Watoto currently cares for more than 2,400 abandoned children and 2,100 vulnerable women. We provide each person with physical care; medical intervention including HIV/AIDS treatment; education – formal and vocational; counselling and emotional well-being; as well as moral and spiritual discipleship.

Currently Watoto operates three children’s villages and three babies’ homes in Uganda; and we’ve recently expanded into Cape Town, South Africa. Our vision is to replicate the model across Africa, so as to fast track the rescue of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Africa.

For more information on how you can partner with us to change a story, please go to www.watoto.com/eleventhousand.

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