Watoto At The Nowergian Parliament

Today was a very good way to end our tour of Norway. We have been here for the last 8weeks and it has been quite a tour in all ways.

The response has been great here in terms of people signing up for sponsorship, giving towards the work of the ministry and the warm welcome received everywhere the choir has gone. More so people have written back to the office appreciating so much of how they have been blessed and very much desire to have the choir back to Norway.

The choir performing

What a way to end, performing for the Nation’s Law making body. It was a great 20minutes concert that left the members of parliament with teary eyes.

later we were treated to a tour of the parliamentary building, met with one of the presidential governors in the parliament, who was a former minster of Health and finally attended an on-going session in the parliament. As a result of this performance the choir has been welcomed again on its next tour of Norway to perform a full concert.

we greatly praise God for the doors he has opened for us while on our tour of Norway. As per the time of writing this blog tomorrow we head to Sweden and Denmark for a week and half tour before we summarize it all in Netherlands.

The Choir waiting to be led to the concert room

Waiting for the parliamentary tour

Trying to Understand the Portrait

prototype of the Parliamentary building

Choir addressed by the former minister for health now presidential governor

Parliamentary session, magnificent room

The children looking on during a parliamentary session

Standing outside the parliamentary buidling

Thank you very much for every person that has given support to the choir while on its tour of Norway.  A big thank you to the country Director Harald Hjulstad and his office, to all who have joined the family of sponsors we greatly appreciate and all the the partners of watoto may God richly bless you.

Maureen, Marvin and Sarah smiling away

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