This week has been filled with a few restful days for the team, celebrating Veteran’s Day here in the USA with style! The day holiday meant much to the choir as well as Auntie Mariah’s birthday. She celebrates her birthday with a few other members of the choir including our very own bus driver Uncle John!! See a sneak preview of what happened and hope u can see auntie maria being showered with water:)

Also below are some behind the scenes pics from the precious weeks of the choir in the different places we have been to. Thank you for your prayers and keep doing so!

God bless you all and choir 50 appreciates your support!

The Birthday Babies on the choir 50 this month!Let the party begin!!

Cutting the cake!

Sugar levels are starting to get out of control!! 🙂 Take the cake away someone! Hahaha!!Trying to meditate on the goodness of the Lord at such a time as this!Will someone, please anyone, get that plate from these guys’ hands??? Sugar is bad for children! 🙂 Seriously!!!!beautiful children representing beautiful Africa

Meditating on Jesus even in the midst of it all!!

Having a blast!

Someone, please anyone, get the plate away from these guys! Sugar has side effects too!! Hahaha!!

Beautiful AfricaLadies busy selling Watoto merchandise to people from the concert!’Thank you for coming and supporting Watoto’

Ladies are busy after concert of hope!

Beautiful Africa with Beautiful people!
‘Thank you for being a watoto ambassador’

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