Recording with T-bone feat. Israel Houghton

As the Christmas break comes closer for Watoto children’s choir 50, today we got an opportunity to record and spend time with re-known hip hop gospel artist T-Bone and his crew at his studios in California recording a hit song where he is featuring Israel Houghton and the Watoto children’s choir, the song ‘ He’s gat the whole world in His hands’ is expected to be out within the first quarter of next year so all y’all T-bone/Israel Houghton and watoto children’s choir be sure to look out for it and spread the word!! it was such an amazing time full of fun and singing for Jesus! T-Bone is coming with more of his band members to a live concert tomorrow at Helmet Methodist Church in Helmet, California so those of you who can make it make sure you come and don’t miss out!


Watoto with T-bone


the children getting ready to record


T-Bone and his wife

T-Bone's producer, Uncle Scott praying for the recording before it started!


Watoto starting to record! And having fun at it!!


Doing a t.v show with JCTV!


T-Bone saying hi aboard the watoto choir bus!


T-Bone hanging out with some of the Aunties and uncles on watoto choir 50!


T-Bone sending the choir off with God's blessings!


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