Choir 50 Christmas…

The festive season has found us in the great state of California and i will run through the events that happened pre and post christmas day! A day that the children and adults will not forget! All of us have been enjoying the christmas break and the rest came in handy, even though its coming to and end, it has all been a blessing 7 days of rest. We arrived at the Tahquitz camp in Idyllwild area carlifornia, situated approx. 5,350 feet above sea level, the camp has amazing scenery with mountains sorrounding it, snow fell and the children were able to feel snow and most of all enjoy a white christmas. The drive to the camp is breath taking and even better when you get to the camp itself. The next day (boxing day), we were invited to attend a christmas party and the Oasis church with Phillip and Holy Wagner, an amazing couple with an amazing team of people who made our christmas a special and memorable one, first taking us to a lunchon and then back to the church for a christmas party where eveyr one got gifts and stockings with lots of candy and treats! As you can tell, the children were blown away and the adults were just teeth up all the time!! Here are some pics:)

A little bit of the Tahquitz Camp

Putting Jackets down and ready for dinner:)

Seriously ready for some serious food:)

Walking through to our luncheon.

Food is great here:)

Pastor Phillip Wagner with some of the children!

The boys had fun for sure!

The girls had fun too!!!

Some Christmas carols:)

Getting on for a fun ride

Time for opening gifts!!

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  1. Hi Joel on Choir 50!
    I hope you are enjoying your tour in the US! We have managed to find you in a few pictures that have been posted. Its easy to spot you with your big beautiful smile. We are thinking of you often. God Bless You!!

    Love, Darrell, Shelley and Jason

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