Jan’12 Watoto Children’s Choirs Global Tours

On a journey to spread the message of hope and love through Beautiful Africa: A New Generation, three Watoto children’s choirs have started a 6-month tour of Canada, UK and USA.

Choir 54, led by Julius Anuari left Uganda for the USA over the weekend and arrived in Dallas on Saturday. The children, all excited on their first trip outside their home country are geared up for their first live presentations this weekend at Mexia, Lampassas, Lockhart and San Antonio – all in Texas.

Choir 53 led by Sam Kimera also left over the weekend for Canada and is ready for four live performances this weekend at Mission, Delta and New Westminister, BC.

Choir 52, led by Stephen Banyikiza is in its final stages of preparation and leaves for the UK on 22 January. Their first performances will be at South Weald and Dagenham, Essex.

“The presentation is vibrant, colourful and well done. But it’s more than just entertainment. The lives of the children on these choirs have been transformed by the love of Jesus. And this is the story they’ll be sharing with people across the UK, USA and Canada,” says Stephen.

Choir bookings are available for all the choirs in the US, UK, Canada, Asia and Australia. Go to www.watoto.com/choir for more.

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  1. Hi Justin Apunyu!!

    I hope you are having a great time in Texas and enjoying the different food! I will be following your choir group on the computer and hopefully we can travel to see you! There are so many new things for you to see – what a great experience!

    Dianne Sellin

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