Visit Africa This Year

Uganda has recently received major international accolades from National Geographic and Lonely Planet, which named us the world’s best tourism destination in 2012. Visit Watoto, enables you to have both the Watoto and African experience.

It’s a chance to experience first hand the Watoto model – reaching orphaned children and vulnerable women. You will interact with the babies, children and former vulnerable women at Watoto, while enjoying the sights and sounds of Africa through an adventurous safari, bungee jump and local entertainment.

”Visit Watoto hosts close to 3,000 people in a year and about 70 teams are expected to visit this year,” says Brenda Katongole, Visit Watoto Team Leader.

You can visit Watoto either as a team or an individual, taking part in any of the Watoto projects including build teams, medical teams, ministry and other roles specific to your interest and skills.

Opportunities are available through your closest Watoto regional office. Write to us today at for more.

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