A fabulous week in the United Kingdom!

We set out on our Journey on the 22nd of January from Uganda and landed at Heathrow at 6:46 am on Monday 23rd.
Our Country director Howard Reid was ready to meet us at the airport with a team from the UK office with warm smiles in the Cold weather.
Our aim is nothing but to make the name of Jesus famous.

We had our first School Concert on Friday 27th a few blocks away from Bethel Church in Dagenham. The Children loved the experience and one of the teachers volunteered to dance with the Children on stage.

Our first Beautiful Africa Concert took place on Saturday at St. Peter’s Anglican Church. People came forward after the concert and Children were praying for them. God is using lives that were once broken to heal the broken!

One of the highlights was a muslim lady who said that she had never experienced anything so moving and powerful!

Our second Concert for the week took place at our host Church Bethel. Here are some moments captured!

Down in Africa!

We Celebrate the King of Africa, Jesus-he has given us hope!

Mercy and Angel

God knows my name!

Going to a deeper level….

Total surrender-Alfred and Uncle Ronnie

Lord you never fail!

Lord you never fail!

Africa is beautiful because of Jesus!

Africa is beautiful because of Jesus!

Choir 52 having fun @Bethel Church!

Ministry time!

Ivan praying passionately!

Ronald is the first Child to meet his sponsor on tour!

Sponsor & Child moment!

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  1. This is so wonderful. Its good to know that you got to the UK safe and sound. Children ministering is breath taking. When I read the comment of the Moslem woman, i could not help but think about what power the gospel has in the life of God’s creation, i guess that’s why some people can’t help but worship our Saviour- Jesus. I’m with you all the way. My love to everyone on this team.

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