Choir 53’s Winnie Nakaye meets Sponsors

This evening, Cheryl Fraser and her two nieces made it to one of our concert venues  and joined Nakaye Winnie (their sponsored child), for dinner at the Duncan Pentecostal Church, British Columbia. They were hoping to spend a little bit of a visit with her and oh are we glad they came!!

We absolutely love it when our Watoto sponsors can get to join the choir and meet the individual children they help feed, cloth, shelter and educate and essentially – raise by way of their contribution of $35 each month.

But perhaps what’s even more special about this story is that its not actually Auntie Cheryl sponsoring Winnie… Its her two nieces; Tailor and Morgan

What a great opportunity for the girls to mingle and have a real visit with the child they help sponsor.

And to imagine that over time, these three girls will get to write letters back and forth, share photos and other pieces of their lives from both worlds; in many ways, walking hand in hand and growing inch by inch together. Wow.

Thank you so much Tailor and Morgan. What you are doing shows the world that stretching a hand to reach another shouldn’t be as difficult as we would make it out to be. The nearest hand is at the end of your arm… reach out.

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