From Dagenham to Brentwood

Our time in Dagenham was highlighted by a number of vibrant School Concerts and the warmth of our hosts from Bethel Church and the UK office staff. We cannot thank you enough for all the love you have shown us.

This is really the year of God’s favor. Just before we left Dagenham the apple store manager spent about two hours fixing our Computer and did not charge us anything. We made our way to the store and thanked Alex and gave him a batik painting and a DVD.

Brentwood Sawyers Church hosted us during our week in and around Brentwood. Peter Jordan welcomed us on that cold night as we got out of the bus. We had a number of Concerts in this area and one of our major stops was the Brentwood Cathedral.

About 26people came forward for prayers and Paul from the local newspapers was happy to do a story on the Choir.

Here are some of the moments captured.

He is the reason why I am rejoicing!

He is the reason why I am rejoicing!

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  1. We were so blessed to have Choir 52 at our church, Elim Christian Centre in Barking on Sunday 12th February. The show was absolutely wonderful! I had the privilege of praying with the children before the show, and was so inspired by them and the purity of their faith. One of the older boys gave testimony that he wanted to thank God for being given this opportunity to share the love of Jesus with the people of Barking, and for the opportunity to lead people to Jesus! What spiritual maturity! Thank you children for your love, your prayers and your testimonies.

    “Beautiful Africa” is such a great show. Well done to everyone involved in developing it. I have seen more than 10 Choirs, and this is the best production with the strongest gospel message I have seen & heard. The production feels much more African – especially the dancing & also the clothing. It was great to see the girls in their gomes and the boys in their traditional clothing too. I’m sure the children like being able to wear bomber jackets, jeans and trainers and so show us the modern side of Uganda.

    The addition of more drumming increased the African feel, especially having the children involved too. I liked the new style of the show, with more story telling and having the testimonies woven into the scenes. The video just released on Vimeo makes me laugh and dance whenever I watch it 

    It’s great that your brought your own lighting rig, as this means the show felt much more professional. Our church has minimal lighting for staging a production like this. In past years the Watoto Choir did their performance in plain white light with no spotlights, this time was like being in a theatre! The new equipment meant a more professional sound, especially having so many radio mics.

    The best thing about Beautiful Africa is how evangelical the show is. I have rarely heard such a powerful message of Jesus’ love and forgiveness, and how each life will be transformed by receiving him as Saviour. The gospel message is boldly portrayed, which is exactly what this country needs to hear. Finally, to have some of the children available to pray for audience members at the end of the show was wonderful, truly inspiring.

    Thank on behalf of all our church to Uncle Steven and all the other Aunties and Uncles, for dedicating yourself in service to the Lord by bringing these precious children to our church, our country, so that they may share the love of Jesus in such a powerful and beautiful way.

    I will come and see you again before you go home!

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