Amazing weekend at Everyday Champions Church in Wellingborough!

Pastor Ian Hicks was one of many people who welcomed us here On Saturday 18th February 2012. We had two Concerts here; the next one was on Sunday evening. The place was packed with people from and around the City. The Concert was filled with energy both from Stage and people attending the Concert.

A lady from Ghana told me how she had lost both her sisters and the last one past away about two weeks ago. She told me the stories of the Children lifted her up. Another lady told me she had lost her job and watched Watoto on TV three years ago and said she new God was speaking to her when they sang the “Not forgotten” song. “I was reminded of the scripture where God says he has written my name in the palm of his hand” She added.

You have no idea how many people you impact; this was meant to encourage you as a team. Keep up the good work! Those were her concluding remarks before she left! What a powerful testimony!

One major thing was the unexpected visit of Lydia’s Sponsors Tamara and John. Lydia looked at the picture they had and said I can’t believe I looked like that! It was almost a difference between day and night! Thank you Tamara and John for making such a great difference in the life of Lydia.

Whose story will you Change?

Whose story will you Change?


  1. It was a very special occasion to be able to meet my sponsor. The gratitude shown by the choir was very humbling, but it was great to know that our small contribution really does change lives. We were very blessed by our time with them. Tamara & John

  2. A privilege to have the Watoto choir here at Everyday Champions Church in Wellingborough. Fantastic weekend, with many lives impacted by the stories of the children and the Gospel of Christ. To host the children and adults has been such a blessing – they are all a delight to have at home. We pray that God will bless and prosper the Watoto Childcare Ministry and that lives will be changed forever. Come back soon !!
    Lynwen Hicks

  3. yeahhh we are everyday champions in christ …. we really enjoyed our stay at wellingborough. the service on sunday was gud.

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