God’s Great Move In Asia

It will be selfish of me to let this pass without saying it. But we give thanks to God for the way the people of Hong Kong have received Watoto and and also supported it in fulfilling God’s vision to watoto of rescuing children and disciplining them to become the leaders who will influence kingdom culture all societal spheres.

It is so amazing that on our very first weekend of performance here in Hong Kong over 100 sponsors signed up from just two shows and numerously supporting through offering/donations and in volunteering their services.

A Lady giving of what she has for the cause of rescuing children


A child signing up to sponsor a fellow child....wow


The children also give towards Watoto children.

Honestly this is generosity and this is so moving in that as the children share their testimony and good story with the audiences in this epic life transforming concert of hope the people respond too in many ways.

Praise be to God that as we close off or wrap up the concert of hope to introduce a new concert run (Beautiful Africa) to be enrolled out in Asia 2013 the response is so great so far and people are being blessed too.

the energy is great


The smiles are contagious


Testimony of a transformed life


Great rejoicing


.....and celebration


All very irresistible but.....


...to Join in with the choir


and celebrate together in songs of joy with dance

We as choir 55 believe that celebration is part of kingdom culture. we don’t carry a story of pain but a story of hope and a true evident testimony of God’s love extended towards men. So real that it is irresistible and contagious. The children are experiencing this as their share their joy and hope with the people of Asia.

We would like to say thank you very much to the Watoto family of sponsors and all the partners who are involved in fulfilling God’s passion and desire of rescuing African children through the church of Christ. We don’t take for granted all your support and sacrifice.

Hearty worship


Honest celebration

God’s blessings to all and keep praying for the ministry of Watoto all around the world.

Brian Katongole Drumming away


1 Comment

  1. I sponsor Bosco, and it is SO exciting to see him dancing in Asia. I have been praying for him to get the chance to go on choir for so long, it is wonderful to see that prayer answered! I send my love and greetings to you all and look forward to following your journey throughout Asia. May God’s richest blessings be upon you, your hosts and all who see the amazing spectacle of the choir performing.
    Mike, London

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