Choir 53 “Playing in Class”

Ok not exactly. More accurately put would be Choir 53 playing “before” class… but that doesn’t quite capture the fact that we’re having class at the playground – haha. Either way, i agree; the press can be rather misleading 🙂

That said; getting kids out of the traditional classroom setting opens a whole new door of learning… and thats exactly what happened. We got to have lots of fun and the cherry on top was our Devotions’ Class… All this put together and handled by our more than capable Uncle Phillip. The pictures do more justice than any attempts at writing so here goes. Great job Uncle.

Happy moments..

Immaculate and Sandra


ha ha ha ha

Only God could have put this smile here 🙂

Peace – Winnie – Deborah

Abdul flies over… 🙂

Ok… Come together

Class in session

Oh there’s the bus.. “Our home on wheels”

Obviously having fun in "the boat" ..enough said.

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