What The Tour Entails – Choir 55

For most people, watoto children’s choir tour is all about singing and dancing. Yes that is a major part of the tour and our strongest medium for sharing the message of Hope and also the beauty of Our continent Africa, but it is not all there is to the tour.

We care about the well-being of the children while on the road and we as much as possible carry out different activities that will help the child to grow normally and healthy in a wholistic way.

We help the children in gain their confidence in areas of public speaking and people relations.

Isaac sharing a scripture with the audience

music a medium used to express emotions and soothes the soul. the children find it relaxing and exciting to sing and dance, as we know that in Africa we love to sing and dance. It runs in our blood. stories were told through song, communication was majorly through song (folklore). on this tour we have the intention to maintain that heritage

Performance of the cultural dance

Keziah dancing away while singing

Dancing away

We also help them with their education as this is so important in our nation Uganda. during their year off from school we keep them equipped with academic skills.

Charles doing his home work

Choir 55 children sitting an exam

Teacher Daniel takes on a class

we care about the spiritual discipleship and growth. Watoto is a christian church based organization and so we take the things of spirituality seriously. we have what we call children’s devotions classes where there learn more about walking and living the ways of God

Children singing during Devotion time

Prayer time

Among other classes are the life skills classes that help the children understand their bodies and the life around them better.

But how can we forget the fun part. All work without play makes watoto children dull. so we ensure that we have lots of fun together.

On the flow, the girls have fun

Someone should know about this game

Kodak moment

pose with a rose

Marvin and Eric chilling

Stewart decided to hunt for worms

here goes Kenneth

Another Kodak moment

but we also have been blessed to have great adults who give this care to the children. They too can’t miss out on the fun.

Adults taking a pose for the camera

Pose two

And finally with a team leader who is ready to get to the level of the children.

Oh yeah

We love what the children benefit from these tours and to those following this i am sure you have been let into the world of watoto on the road.

we want to say thank you very much to the partners and sponsor family of the watoto. God richly bless you and for anyone interested in knowing more about watoto please go to our website at http://www.watoto.com

God bless you

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