Sights and Sights of Choir 54!

Hello Everyone, what a season here in the West Central of the USA, the choir is touching people’s hearts with the love of Jesus!!
From Texas to Oklahoma,New mexico to Kansas and Now in Missouri it is evident that there is a new generation of children leaders showing how beautiful africa in going to be sooner than latter. For those that have not yet gotten a chance to see, come,come, come with me to “Beautiful Africa!”.

We start from the begining.....the line!!

And it's Down in Africa people......

Dance after Dance....

Simply beautiful!


Enjoy that one as well.

singing as well....

And now,you get involved.

We're now in Top Gear....shining the love of Jesus everywhere....

Perhaps the most important part of the concert.....Prayer for every one that would like to find Jesus.

The Finale!!

At this point, you want to come and see......

Bye bye...people,off the stage we go and it's the END!!!

And that’s our lovely concert in short! see you there!!!!


  1. To all the children and Justin Apunyu, our sponsored child (we love you Justin!) you all look so beautiful! Such talent. Safe travels, God Bless, Dianne Sellin from British Columbia, Canada

  2. Seeing these pictures reminds me just how much our family was blessed by this choir. Even though the girls and their “auntie” stayed with us only for one night, they still feel part of our family. We talk about them daily and pray for them. Thank you for blessing our family so abundantly!

  3. Saw and enjoyed so much the choir in St. Peter, MN on Sunday, May 20th at Jesus Assembly of God! What a blessing I received from all the children!! I pray for them all and have thought about them everyday

  4. These pictures bring back great memories. We flew to Texas to see Emily, our sponsored child. As always, the choir was awesome and the time we spent with Emily was priceless. God’s blessings on the children and Watoto!

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