From Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight!

We spent the entire weekend at the School in Pourtsmouth. It was a big moment for Potters hands Church which meets at the school every sunday. Many teachers gave their lives to Christ including some parents and visitors.

We headed for the Isle of Wight on tuesday 6th March. What an amazing experience. The sea was calm and we had a smooth ride all the way. The Children could not believe what the Ferry can do.

When God puts a dream in your heart he will provide all it takes to make it happen if you obey. Pastor Hein came here 9years ago in Portsmouth from South Africa. The school was gracious enough to let him use the facility on Sundays.

They are now being discipled so they can in turn disciple others. We are glad to be a small part of What God is doing in his Kingdom. Many lives are being restored as they meet the King of Africa, well I should say the King of kings because that is who he is- Jesus Christ.

Introducing the guys!

Introducing the guys!

Yes, it is this much fun!

Yes, it is this much fun!

Celebrating Jesus!

Celebrating Jesus!

East Dene Centre hosted the entire during our stay here for the entire week. They covered all the Charges. Thank you for your generosity and hospitality to us. We had a number of Concerts in Schools and in beautiful old Churches. One of the major places was the St Thomas square where we set up for the mid day performance. As we drummed Children were dancing and shouting enjoying themselves a crowd quickly gathered. We spoke boldly about Jesus Christ in the Square and people were even singing along with us. I am not forgotten, God knows my name!

A lady Came by and told me you remember my husband you prayed for to get saved? He picked the bible for the first time yesterday and started reading it… The Children were encouraged to know though they may not always meet the people they pray for; God does answer their prayers. That evening was crowned by an amazing Concert of Hope in the Minster at the Square. Many people filled the Church! A number came forward to meet the King!

 St Thomas' Square and the Minster where we had our evening Concert

St Thomas' Square and the Minster where we had our evening Concert

African sunshine in the square

By David Newble

Monday, March 12, 2012

African sunshine in the square

Watoto choir performing in St Thomas’ Square on Saturday. Picture by Jennifer Burton.

AFRICAN sunshine came to St Thomas’s Square, Newport on Saturday in the shape of children from the Watoto choir.

Hundreds of Isle of Wight residents packed into the square and were treated to a display of dancing and music from the youngsters, who gave a series of concerts on the Isle of Wight last week as part of a six-month UK tour.

The children, from Uganda, have all lost parents to disease or war and are looked after by house ‘mothers’ at an orphanage near the capital, Kampala.

The Christian-based care programme involves education, medical care, counselling and moral and spiritual guidance in order to help raise the next generation of leaders on the continent.

The choir’s team leader, Stephen Banyikiza said the charity currently looked after 2,500 youngsters and this was the 52nd choir formed since the Watoto charity was founded in 1994.

He said: “The choirs are a voice for the millions of children in Africa who can’t speak for themselves. We love the Isle of Wight. We are very excited about being here. People have been so kind to us.”

Anyone wanting further information about Watoto should visit the

• For full story see the County Press this Friday, March 16.



Singing for Jesus !

Singing for Jesus!

We headed out of the Isle of Wight and the Ferry people had given us a discount and we sang for the people during our ride back to Southampton. God really does care. The captain made Certificates for all the Children and gave them a little badge that read: I met the Captain! People were so moved and donated generously to us.

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  1. Lovely, the work Jesus does in His children and all around the globe. He is the Potter indeed, how He works His ways are beyond our understanding. I like the Choir and the work.

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