Watoto Choir 55 Is Now In Singapore

A fortnight ago, Watoto Children’s Choir 55 was in Indonesia as the first African group ever to visit the country. They spent a week in Bali with the Rock Church and the second week in Surabaya with Bethany, ministering to approximately 60,000 people in 13 Concerts of Hope.

The generosity of the Indonesian people through donations, promotional sales and new sponsors registered, was overwhelming.  Over all, Indonesian churches and their leaders responded positively and look forward to seeing the choir again.

We hope that the Watoto model is an encouragement for Indonesia as they face similar challenges as Africa in terms of abandoned and vulnerable children. With the network that has been built, we hope to visit Indonesia in 2013 including the capital city, Jakarta.

After an inspiring tour of Indonesia, the choir has started its four-week tour of Singapore. Thereafter, they will journey to Taiwan.

Opportunities are available for churches, schools and organisations to book the choir. For details, email us at asia@watoto.com or call +852 2639 9797.

To see the choir outside Asia, go to www.watoto.com/see-the-choir.

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