Door Open Into Indonesia

When God opens a door no one can close it. A great door was opened for watoto into Indonesia. We were warmly welcomed right from the airport by the natives all the way to the first place of aboard. This is the first African group of singers to ever come to Indonesia, and so the choir was an amazement to the Indonesians.

Indian way of welcoming Watoto into Bali Indonesia

The choir performed before very excited Indonesian People in Bali first and then Surabaya. We also had opportunities of sharing the vision of watoto on radio stations as we introduce the vision of watoto to the Indonesians.

Allan at the radio station in Surabaya Indonesia giving his story

Bosco sharing his story of transformation in Watoto

We also took time to have fun as it is an important part of tour. The children had an opportunity to go to a water park and later on treated to a fish dinner by the beach here in Bali- Indonesia’s tourist center.

Girl’s enjoying the beach

God has been faithful and watoto well long awaited for the next year 2013 with a whole new program-Beautiful Africa.

Thank you to the family of watoto sponsors. may God greatly bless you

Watoto Choir 55

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