Choir 53 Playtime under Sunny Athabasca Skies..

The past few weeks have kept warm.. and this is something we’re used to.. so when the sun is out, and we see blue skies; we’ll play and this Athabasca weather was just perfect…




Abdul unsure what to play with…


Our very own Canadian “Kyengera”.. Sorry if this flies above you.. Kyengera is the name of the place where the children and the teams at home do lots of work preparing for the tours.. looks just like this.. ok for the most part anyway 🙂


Roy takes a break as Emmy counts away…


Good choice Abdul.. this picture should be on a watoto calendar somewhere.. hihi..


Michael loses a shoe to Abdul but won’t let go til he’s through the wall.. Tenacity at its best.


“My turn”, Obviously Emmy takes every challenge serious.. ‘a true quality in the leaders Africa is waiting for’, and when he gets there, this moment will be picture framed on a wall somewhere.. but that won’t be news to all at Watoto. For us, its not a question of “if”.. its a statement of “when”. So we’ll just smile and say what a privilege it was to be a part of this young man’s journey to his place of great and significant influence in the continent.


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