Gloria (9 Years Old) Sponsors A Watoto Child

Gloria (9 years old) started ‘Gloria’s Wish’ on her 8th birthday when she requested donations rather than birthday gifts so that she could support a Watoto child who was the same age as herself. As a result, Gloria was able to sponsor Abia for 12 months. Gloria is always looking for creative ways to raise awareness and funds to continue the sponsorship support and she hopes one day to visit Uganda and spend time with Abia in person.

This year Gloria, with the help of her supportive and encouraging mother, made special Easter treats with a fluffy yellow chick sitting on top of speckled easter eggs which were arranged in a nest of shredded yellow tissue. These were wrapped beautifully in cellophane and tied with a gold ribbon. Through the sale of these over Easter, Gloria has now nearly raised enough funds to support Abia for another year.

I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired by this young girl! To make a difference in the life of a child today through sponsorship, visit or phone our Australian Office on +61 7 3208 3500 or e-mail

About Abia:
When Abia’s mother passed away, her grandmother took guardianship of the little girl. The whereabouts of Abia’s father are unknown. Unfortunately, her grandmother was too elderly and sickly to provide Abia with adequate care. Local authorities contacted Watoto Child Care Ministries, who agreed to take little Abia under their wings.

Since then, a devoted Watoto housemother has helped Abia adjust in the safe, comfortable environment of the Watoto Village. She and her Watoto brothers and sisters cheerfully help Mama with the household chores.

Abia is enjoying a quality education at the Watoto School where she is developing hopes and dreams for the future. Abia would like to be a nurse one day. She especially enjoys Mathematics and loves skipping rope with her friends. She even had the opportunity to travel throughout Asia and South Africa with the Watoto Children’s Choir in 2010 and 2011, testifying of God’s faithfulness to orphans in Uganda.

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