The week that was…

On the 10th and 11th of April, Choir 56 had its first full beautiful Africa concert at the Laidley Cultural Centre. It was a fantastic night and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The following night, the choir had an outdoor concert at the Laidley Recreation Reserve where over four hundred and fifty attended.

We then travelled up to Kingaroy and Dalby before finishing off the week in Toowoomba at New Hope Church. The response from all these venues was amazing and the team finished off the week with a good number of new sponsors. We are so grateful for all the support we have received this week and we’d love to say a special thank you to our new sponsors who are now partnering with us to rescue a child, raise a leader and rebuild the nation of Uganda.

It wasn’t all singing, dancing and performing for the kids. As per usual, their week abroad was to hold some awesome first time experiences and unusual surprises. Lucy saw a very unique chicken at the host home where she spent the day off in Toowoomba and she could not stop talking about her experience and Leila and Sandra got a chance to ride on a horse for the first time in their lives! Maimuna and Lucy played hockey and others like Peter and Henry were able to play in a nearby Creek and also watched Ice age three. Uncle Fred and Vincent, Paul and Ceasar even stayed at a homestead in Chinchilla and had to ‘work for their breakfast’ the next morning, milking cows and collecting eggs – a true country Queensland experience!

This week was wonderful, but we’re believing that it will only get better from here! Thank-you for following us. God bless you.

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  1. Thanks beautiful Chior 56 for being such an inspiration to me! I love you guys with all my heart. God bless you. Love Ethnee Furness

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