A Fun Week……

During the past week, Choir 56 had a long 8 hour drive from Mount Isa to Charters Towers. We had a toilet break at a park which had big water guns and a Dinasour museum! What was supposed to be a quick break quickly turned into a fun and educational experience for the children.

Because of the long drives, the team had two days without concerts which turned out to be a good opportunity for the children to do their end of term exams and experience some great shopping at the shopping center in Charters Towers.

The team ended the week with three performances in Townsville. One at the Wesleyan Methodist Church and then at two big venues in Townsville; a morning concert at Life Church and an evening concert at Calvary Christian Center where we got our biggest crowds so far. 40 people gave their lives to Christ and we received 21 new sponsors! All we can say is – Wow and thanks!

The day off saw some of the host families go site seeing around Townsville – one of the most beautiful Aussie cities we have seen so far. Paul, Vincent ,Ceasor, Henry, Lucy and Maimuna went down to the strand and experienced the beach for the first time in their whole lives! They thoroughly enjoyed a swim at the rock pool and then had what they described as ‘the best gelato ever’ at Julliets before travelling to the highest point in Townsville (on top of Castle hill) where they had a view of the entire city at night. This was such an awesome experience for the kids!

We are so encouraged and excited by the support we received this week and are very excited to travel to the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane over the next couple of weeks to see what God is going to do there.

Many blessings from Choir 56

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