A Good going in Taiwan

It has been a great opportunity for watoto to come to Taiwan again and the start is great so far.

in Just last week alone we have been able to perform at an annual festival for Taiwanese churches called the Happy walk event. This event happens once in a year and it is well attended by Christians from all over Taiwan.

Singing before thousands on a cloudy afternoon

Watoto doing what it does best

Not Forgotten

It is such a lovely thing for Watoto choirs to keep penetrating deeper into the the continent of Asia.

As if that was not enough we were blessed with an invitation by the Mayor of Taichung city and some other government officials to the city hall for a performance. this left many blessed by the ministry of the children.

Watoto Singing out there hearts with the local Chinese choir

Singing out

Gift giving by the mayor in the black suit

Kodak moment with the mayor of Taichung City – Taiwan

All in all it is a good start and i believe for it to only get better. At the end of concerts people in the Audiences have rushed to the tables to buy products and sponsor children. Indeed thank you to the Taiwanese people for the willingness you are showing to help more children in Africa.

And thank you to the sponsor families of watoto for your dedication and commitment to partnering with watoto so as to fulfill the big vision of rescuing more children.

Isaac enjoying his meal

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