Behind The Scenes At Windsor Castle

England is wet and cold this Spring but the excitement at Windsor, UK is electric. Performers from all around the world have come to celebrate with the Queen on her 60th Jubilee at Castle grounds this week.

On this momentous occasion, Africa’s torch is held high by the Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda, Zulu dancers from South Africa, Masai warriors and The Nairobi Chamber Choir from Kenya.From Thursday 10th May, the children will sing before the world, and on the night of the 13th, they will present before H.M Queen Elizabeth II at The Royal Windsor Castle grounds, in an electrifying performance of ‘Beautiful Africa’, the title track of their new album. Thereafter, they will join the Nairobi Chamber Choir and the Zulu warriors for an Africa-finale, singing music from Disney’s The Lion King musical, “He Lives In You”.

The children are super excited to sing before the Queen and the world, and are rehearsing diligently. Get a glimpse of the action behind the scenes.Go to or on Twitter @watoto to follow the choir’s activities at Windsor Castle.

For more information about Watoto choirs around the world, go to

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