Watoto Child’s Innocent Hug Brings Smile To The Queen’s Face

The UK’s Sunday Telegraph (Link to article) writes about how an innocent hug from Watoto’s 10-year old Lydia Amito, brought a smile to the Queen’s face during a private reception.

Today (13 May) is the final day of the week-long Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant at the Windsor Castle grounds where the Watoto Children’s Choir has been a part of the celebrations to mark 60 years of reign of Her Royal Majesty, The Queen of England.

H.M Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip and other members of the royal family will be in attendance as the children present an electrifying performance of ‘Beautiful Africa’, the title track of their new album this evening. Thereafter, they will join the Nairobi Chamber Choir and the Zulu warriors for an Africa-finale, singing music from Disney’s The Lion King musical, ‘He Lives In You’.

On Friday 11th May, the choir were invited to a private High Tea with other jubilee cast members, to meet the Queen.

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