Choir 52@ Windsor Castle!

We arrived at the Windsor grounds on Saturday 5th May. It has been a time we all looked forward to. Soon after our arrival we met Isobela Hatton (our contact person) , one of the organisers of the Royal Windsor Horse Show as part of the Celebration of the Queen’s jubilee. The excitement filled the air as we got closer to our final destination after going past the security check point. People from all over the world came here to Celebrate this occasion and over 500 horses were flown in from around the world.

On Wednesday 9th May  we went to visit Windsor Castle. We were all filled with awe as we got into the painting rooms, dressing rooms, water loo memorial room and many other places inside the Castle.

Choir 52 Visits the Windsor Castle

Choir 52 Visits the Windsor Castle

On friday we got an invitation inside the Castle. Lydia, Daphine, Alfred and Charles were selected to represent Watoto Children on Choir 52 while Sheila, Graham, Ruth and I were the adults present. As her majesty neared our team she was surprised to receive a hug from Lydia with a big smile on her face. This quickly attracted media interest and today she made it on the front page of The Sunday Telegraph including a number of newspapers here in the Uk as well as home in Uganda. She said: I was so happy to hug the Queen! As Patrick interviewed her later she said I love to give hugs to people because that is how I show them I care!

Lydia Hugging her Majesty!

Lydia Hugging her Majesty!

The Queen had a big smile on her face as I introduced every member of the team and she said she was looking forward to the performance on Sunday 13th May.

Daphine introducing herself!

Daphine introducing herself!

As they welcomed the African section the announcer concluded and we welcome from Uganda East Africa the wonderful Watoto Children’s Choir. A thunderous applause followed as we sang Beautiful Africa and Not forgotten. Many people were touched by the love of Jesus as the Children sang! We later joined the Lion King crew as we sang “He lives in me” together with the Nairobi Chamber Choir!

Watoto singing "Beautiful Africa and Not Forgotten"

Watoto singing “Beautiful Africa and Not Forgotten”

Watoto Choir Singing "He lives in you" with the Lion King Crew!

Watoto Choir Singing “He lives in you” with the Lion King Crew and the Nairobi Chambers Choir!

God’s name has been made famous not only through our evening performances but also during the day as we were given 20 minutes each day in the Cultural Pavilion to sing and share the love Jesus Christ with the audience.

A full Story of Lydia is out in the Telegraph today. The reporter travelled to Gulu where Lydia comes from and met her mother, brothers and sisters as well as Lydia’s friends. Everyone was telling him how loving a person Lydia is and how much everyone misses her back home. A simple gesture of love goes a long way to tell people that there is a God who heals, rescues and restores. Lydia is just one of many Children whose stories are being transformed by the Love of Jesus Christ. Watoto is a just a tool God is using to make his name famous.


  1. I love watoto and the founder of this great ministry,i pray that God will continue to stringhty you amen.this is my dream also to win souls to God,to care for the needing,for the orphans,for the Nigeria i pray that God should help me acheive my dream.with the love of God i love u all.{stephen osazuwa}.

    • stephen is leading an amazing choir! they are such an encouragement to everyone and the children are just adorable! x

  2. Watoto is an amazing expression of What God can do.
    Something out of nothing, Beauty out of ashes Hope out of hopelessness.
    The wonderful potential and treasure In Africa that the whole creation is longing to see manifested.

    May God multiply the blessings and testimonies of your ministry and individual lives.

    God has chosen to use your pain and suffering to confound and challenge the pleasure and comfort of the high and mighty.

    You are a reflection of the bright future Uganda and Africa as a whole has in true submission to the life and hope in Christ.

    You are a blessing to my family you are a blessing to Evangel Temple Toronto; My home church. We look forward to hosting the Canada Contingent on Sunday June 17, 2012.

  3. I live in a small country town in South Australia. I just flicked the tv over and saw a group of children singing. I felt compelled to watch more and felt like God’s light was shining out of them without realising that they were in fact Christians. They were singing “I am Not Forgotten”. I was really touched by these children’s joy and passion for sharing Christ with the whole world! They are bright shining lights for Jesus! May God continue to bless you as you share your wonderful gift of singing with the world xx Mardi

  4. Choir 52 has just left our home and town of Middlewich.We found the most beautiful thank you letter from Auntie Clare and the girls under our pillows.
    We’ve all had the most touching and wonderful experience. We want to stay in touch by facebook. Can you tell Clare that Sally says hi.God Bless. x

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