Mother’s Day Special

A mum’s smile can brighten any moment.
A mum’s hug put joy in all our days,
A mum’s love stays with us forever
And touches our lives in precious ways.

At Watoto we know the importance of a mother’s love. Last week, as Mother’s Day was celebrated worldwide, Choir 56 and Watoto Australia remembered the amazing work the mothers in our villages in Uganda do.  The Choir sang at a special ‘Mother’s Day High Tea’ hosted by Watoto Australia at Gateway Baptist Church. This was a day to honour mothers in Australia and to raise awareness and sponsorship for mothers in Uganda. The boys from the choir ushered women into their seats and gave them a little gift while the girls sat at the tables and interacted with the guests that attended the event. We loved singing and dancing and making new friends at this event. Thanks mums and ladies for supporting us!

The Choir then visited the Royal Children’s hospital in the heart of Brisbane where they interacted and played with the children at the hospital. This was a good opportunity for the children to ‘give back’ to the community, be an encouragement to the children at the hospital and, once again, make more friends!

The Choir had their last concerts for the first leg of their tour around Australia at the C3 Church Kawana Waters and Calvary Christian Church in Tanawha. Both of these concerts were well attended and we welcome all the new sponsors to the Watoto family.

Peter and Vincent, two of the children with Choir 56, met their sponsors and spent some time with them which was a great experience for them! See below for their comments.

“Meeting my sponsors was very exciting because I was seeing them for the first time, and I was able to put a face to the people I have been writing letters to for some time.” Vincent

“Meeting my sponsors is a blessing from God. It was a very humbling experience to finally meet the people who have sacrificed so much that I may have a better future. When I saw them it was my big gift from God.” Peter

The Choir spent some time at a beautiful beach in Caloundra and the children went for a swim. Vincent, Paul and Ceasor even got the chance to go surfing with their hosts at Dicky Beach!

Well, it looks like things just keep getting better! We arrived in New Zealand this week and are having our first concert tonight. We look forward to updating you all on our Kiwi adventures soon!

Love Choir 56

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