Watoto Brings Hope To Japanese In The Tsunami Hit Area

It is such a privilege for watoto to be the one African group to physically come to the Tsunami and earthquake hit area in Japan to minister to the people. There are so many teams here doing all they can to help the Japanese people who lost their homes to get new ones so they can have where to stay, and food for them to eat as they stabilize. Watoto has come to bring food for the soul and revive the broken hearts of those who lost their loved ones in the Tsunami through their songs of hope and celebration.

Bare land after Tsunami washed through

House sunk into the ground by water after the Tsunami

As Watoto drove through this devastated area, we saw lots of damaged houses and commercial buildings. we also saw alot of rubble of destroyed property – cars, house furniture and so many other things.

Dilapidated Building

Destruction of road

Pile of cars swept away during the Tsunami

Total Damage

After driving through this heart-breaking scenery, we were geared as watoto Children’s Choir to go share hope to the people affected. The school we performed in was closed after the Tsunami hit. This school survived being destroyed by the waters, but during the tsunami this facility was totally submerged in water. The children were moved after seeing this that their countenances showed it all without words.

Watoto finally encouraged the few people that came to enjoy the concert and were given free gifts to carry home with by watoto.

A Japanese reads the watoto poster about the concert

Watoto greeting the people

Lillian Encourages an old lady with a hug

Bosco does the same

It was a good time encouraging the people not to give up hope through out the concert. For a moment watoto put aside its asking for help and support and decided to give support in the best way we can. Thanks to you Japanese churches that made this very possible for the watoto children’s choir to reach out to the people in Sendai, Tohoku region.

Watoto will continue doing ministry in this region till the end of this week.

God’s blessings. People Of Japan Watoto loves you very much and God has not forgotten about you.

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