Watoto Boy Meets Sponsor

5 years ago, The Watoto Children’s Choir was travelling around Beaubier, SK in Canada and Donna Coker chose to sponsor Watoto Child, Michael Okello.

Donna had the rare opportunity of meeting Michael in person while he was travelling with Choir 53 in Canada.

“Meeting Michael was almost like a dream, but it really hit home. The impact of such a small commitment can truly make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes when I tell someone I sponsor a child they say, “I wouldn’t sponsor a child because I don’t know where my money is going!” I can now respond, “I know! I saw a healthy, happy young boy with high expectations of a great future!” Says Donna. Read full story

We are grateful to all our sponsors and donors around the world who have made a difference in the lives of Watoto Children. To sponsor a child today, go to www.watoto.com/sponsorship.

To follow the choirs, go to Watoto Choirs blog and to experience the choir in your area, and meet some of the children, go to watoto.com/the-choir/see-the-choir.

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