Watoto Choir Joins Samaritan’s Purse & Food For The Hungry To Give Relief

It has been a great privilege to work alongside other organizations that are here to Help the Japanese in Kessenuma, and the whole Sendai area in rebuilding themselves. Samaritan’s purse has been here since last year helping in re-construction of houses for the victims of the Tsunami. Food for the hungry is providing food for the victims as well. Watoto combining with these two has formed a great force that has caused an expression of sincere gratitude from the hearts of the Japanese in the  Tsunami area.

Driving through the bare land, with broken bridges and totally dilapidated houses, brought sadness to our hearts, seeing the massive destruction and how people are trying to re-build.

Land left bare after the Tsunami

Land once filled with houses, now left bare after the Tsunami

Watoto Children are a living testimony of God’s love. And seeing them dancing and jumping with great joy, sharing their testimonies with the Tsunami victims was very encouraging.

Watoto Praying with the Samaritan’s Purse staff before the concert

Children praying for the concert

The following day Watoto together with the Samaritan’s Purse staff gathered to thank God for the previous night of ministry. It was a fruitful night of bringing hope to the victims, who are more encouraged now to move forward.

Watoto having morning devotions with Samaritan’s purse

Watoto held a concert on the 6th of June, 2012 and the audience was so blessed in that they wrote down feed back. Over 80 people wrote feedback filled with testimonies of encouragement and courage to step forward.

Mimi a Samaritan’s purse staff reads out a feedback testimony

The testimony that Mimi read was of a lady that lost her husband in the tsunami, leaving her with two boys. She cried almost every night about the loss of her husband. She said she didn’t know how to take care of her children without her husband, knowing that the Tsunami left her with nothing. But upon listening to the testimonies of the children, and the encouraging message of Brian Katongole the team leader of the Asian tour she was encouraged to take a step forward in caring for her children with all her strength.

Today on the 7th of June, 2012 Watoto Children’s Choir visited a kindergarten of little children 3-5years who experienced the Tsunami and interacted with them. Singing for them and teaching them a few dances. The little ones where so excited that they rushed into the arms of our very own watoto. Watoto Children showed them love, playing with them and carrying them for a good while. This was very moving to the Japanese care takers.

Watoto Children carrying the little Japanese angels

But the adults too had their chance. Love demonstrated in simple ways can be very effective and impacting. We just never know how deep the impact is at that moment.

Time to Carry the babies

Watoto then afterwards proceeded to holding a hope concert for the elderly and people in the community who too were affected by the Tsunami in one way or another in Minamisanriku, Japan.

What a great opportunity to serve alongside other international missionary organizations that aim at bringing the love of Christ closer to people. Thank you Samaritan’s purse and Food For The Hungry for giving Watoto Children’s Choir the opportunity to serve alongside you.

Thank You

And for the wonderful family of sponsors and partners, thank you so much for your support towards Watoto.

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