10 Year Old Annabel To Shave Head For Watoto

Annabel, 10, from Australia has already raised US$500 for Watoto Childcare Ministries. The money will go to building a classroom for a school that takes in ex-child soldiers in the country’s north.

Her money will go into mud bricks for the classroom, which other students at her school will use to build the classroom later this year.

For Annabel, of Avalon, shaving her head was about making a difference for people in need. “I’m just going to try to get as much money as I can,” she said. She is aiming to raise US$1,000 or more for the cause.

Her school has been working with Watoto for three years, sending students to help with their development projects in Uganda. Read the full article here.

We are very grateful to people like Annabel for coming alongside us to help raise the next generation of African Leaders.

You too can come to Uganda for the Watoto experience firsthand. eMail visitwatoto@watoto.com for more information.

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  1. this is amazing she’s going to be a world changer and this is a very big challenge we should ask our selves how can we get on board to change someone else’s story?, are we able to do whatever it takes as long as it’s going to change someone else’s life. am so challenged. God bless you Annabel

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