Asia Tour 2012 Ends

It has been a very successful journey in many ways. We have loved the ministry part of it especially in the Tsunami hit areas of Japan, sharing of the gospel in the heavily Islamic state of Indonesia and breaking ground, expanding base in Taiwan. We give thanks to God for taking us this far.

It has been a fun filled tour indeed. This has enabled the team to come alive in many ways and as well contagiously spread on this life and joy to those who are in need of it.

At the beginning. All Happy

Celebrating Birthdays together

Moments of excitement

Children taking their turn in the Oceans of Singapore

Arnold covered in sand

The boys having their turn

This is a life changing opportunity for the children and the adults alike.

Black or white, its the same blood

Arnold in turn shares love to another in need

Indeed the message of Hope and love will continue to be shared around the world. Watoto is here to continue reaching out the hurting and vulnerable.

Brian – team leader sharing the message of Hope

The choir departs Asia tomorrow Wednesday 4th July, 2012 for its destination – Uganda. In its five months tour, the choir has toured Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. It has been an honor to serve in Asia.

God’s blessings to all the watoto family.

Daniel and Brian

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