Watoto Choir 55 Returns From Asia

Watoto Children’s Choir 55 is back from Asia. The choir, which left in February 2012, returned home amid jubilation and ululation. This was Watoto’s second full Asian tour.

The choir performed in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.

According to Brian Katongole, the choir’s team leader, “The highlight of the tour was sharing the gospel in Indonesia. I love to see lives transformed by the love “of Jesus,” he said.

“We also had the opportunity to minister to people in the Tsunami-hit area in Japan,” he added.

The children were very happy to be home and for Harriet 14, Isaac 9 and Eric 11, the highlight of the tour was getting to visit state of the art parks like Ocean park in Hong Kong and Disney land where they learnt to swim, tasted all kinds of Asian dishes and played to their hearts’ content.

The choir also registered a high response to sponsorship and feels it has been an honour for them to serve in Asia.

Welcome back choir 55.

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