180 amazing days of God’s faithfulness!

Team 52 has finally come to the end of the 6month-long journey around the United Kingdom! We asked for God’s favour and we have seen His favor beyond measure! One thing God put on our hearts is this tour is more about getting people to know about him than it is about anything else. After every evening Concert we gave people an opportunity to accept Jesus as their saviour. I am glad to say atleast 1000people gave their lives to Jesus during the Course of tour! We can not measure the impact the Choir had on many lives as we interacted with them. Our last stop was at Ealing Christian Center in Ealing London, where at least 10came forward for prayers some giving their lives to Jesus Christ! The Choir is spending a final time together as a team as we conclude this time with mixed emotions: the separation anxiety yet the anticipation of being home again after a long time away from friends and family!



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  1. Praising the Lord for Watoto Choir and the amazing service they so freely give from their hearts. I know that Jesus is ever present with you, as I have been to several performancesin the past, including this year. Thank you for sharing your love for our Lord. Blessings to each of you!

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