Meet Esther Nakimera

Sunshine and flowers is what comes to mind when Esther’s name is mentioned. A twelve year old jolly fellow that loves to dance and sing. Esther lives in house 29 at Bbira children’s village. Currently in primary three, she enjoys school and tries her best to excel.

When she was six, Esther toured with the Watoto children’s choir to the East Coast in 2006 and was the youngest in the choir. “She was the cupcake of the choir. She loves taking pictures and I remember this one time that she stopped performing in the middle of a concert just to pose for a photo. Her eyes would light up when she sees dolls,” says Martha Mwesigye, who was her auntie on tour.

She also loves chicken in any form and loves to play. Esther loves acting and last year, she acted in Watoto Church’s famed stage drama “Heaven’s gates and Hell’s Flames”.

She is also the children’s choir coordinator and leads praise and worship in the Bbira children’s church.

Esther’s best house chores are mopping and cleaning windows. She loves looking pretty and takes good care of herself.

Esther and her brother started living with their grandmother after losing their parents. However, she could not provide for their basic needs. The people in the community realised their state and asked Watoto to intervene. Both Esther and her brother now live in the Watoto village and are both excited about the future.

Partner with Watoto to rescue more children by sponsoring a child today.

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